Why Lawyers Are Sometimes Necessary To Handle Comptroller Tax Audits

Are you going to be audited soon? Do you have a liquor business where you are collecting taxes from patrons that are purchasing your products? It is so important to collect the proper amount, and if you have not been doing so, you may be behind on the taxes that you need to pay. Comptroller Tax audits are usually the result of people that have not been filing their taxes for quite some time. They will be brought in to examine your business, look at your books, and if they find anything that is highly questionable, there is the possibility that you could lose your Image result for Comptroller Tax auditsliquor license. To handle situations such as this, you definitely need to hire an attorney that specializes in Texas tax laws.

How Do You Obtain One Of These Attorneys?

You can obtain any of these attorneys that have an opening by contacting as many of them as you can. You will never know which one is available to provide you with their services until you make the phone calls to each of these law firms. Talk to them about your situation, set an appointment to speak with them specifically about what you are facing. They are going to either have the time to do so, and if they do not, you keep searching until you find one that can.

How Will They Typically Handle The Situation?

They will first gather all of the information that you have on your business. They will look at how much money you have paid in taxes and compare that to the sales you have made. They will then note any discrepancies, so when they actually do meet with the professionals that will be sent to do the Comptroller Tax audits, they will be ready to handle all of their questions. What is most important is that you have been honest with them, showing them all of the sales that your company has made. This will put them on level ground, and when it comes to meeting with these auditors, they will be able to present your business in a positive light.

If you do owe taxes, this is something you can resolve very quickly. If you don’t have the money immediately, they can usually do a payment plan. The resolution to the problem will be based upon how much you owe, and whether or not you are actually using one of these tax lawyers. Start searching for one today if you have an audit coming up. They are going to provide you with the help that will get your company back to normal. Once it is over, you can rest easy knowing that these tax attorneys have done their best to help you with your tax situation.